100+ Attractive Design Stencils for walls

Home decoration stencils are designed by painting and decorating professionals.  Wall stencils are easy to work with and are super cost effective. Stencils are reusable, not decals! Wall stencils are great alternative to wallpaper or vinyl decals. Stenciling is pretty easy! Even beginners get great results. Decorate a wall or a piece of furniture with our beautiful designs and see how easy and fun it is!

Stencils are not just for walls, ceilings and floors, they work great for fabric and furniture embellishment. Make custom one-of-a-kind stenciled curtains or transform a garage sale find into a trendy and beautiful piece. First, examine the room in which your new wall stencil will go. Does it need a visual boost? Or perhaps there is already a focal point that you simply want to complement. Either way, pick a pattern that will balance the space. Typically, stencils for walls are designed to cover large surface areas; however, smaller designs, like a stand-alone damask stencil, work well to add little pops of interest on your wall. If you have lots of textures and patterns in the space already, think about using large wall stencils as opposed to smaller scale, detailed designs. If you’ve got a blank canvas to work with, try to think ahead and envision the furniture and accessories you will be incorporating — seeing the bigger picture can help you decide on a design.

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Stencils have made a huge comeback and now are a strong decorating trend that is getting more and more popular as DIY decorators discover the ease and versatility of stencils.

Orange wall stencil
stencils for wallsFlowers Stencils for wallsstencils for walls Heart wall stencilstencils for walls Family tree wall stencilstencils for wallsBedroom wall stencil
stencils for walls

Tree wall stencilstencils for wall Zoo wall stencilstencils for wall Giraffe stencil for wallstencils for wall Stencil for living roomstencils for wall Stencil for bedroomstencils for wall Text Stencilstencils for wallBlue stencil
stencil for wallsFamily text stencil
stencil for walls Butterfly stencils for wallstencil for walls Living room stencil design

stencil for wall

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Children room stencil designstencil for wall Bed room stencils for wallsstencil for wall Quotation wall stencilstencil for wallFlower and bird wall stencil
stencils for walls 2016Pattern wall stencil


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