Adorable Collection Of Pictures Of Wolves

Wolves are considered the strong and powerful animals. They have sharp teeth and pointed claws. They hunt their own prey. The wolf is the largest family of dogs. It is a carnivorous animal. The weight and size of the wolves depend upon their breeds. Some of their breeds are rare and it is banned to hunt them. With the help of its sharp teeth and strong jaws, it task seconds to tear apart its prey. Some wolves have very thick skin and fur on them. It depends upon the habitat. Wolves living in cold places have thick fur which help them to tolerate extreme cold. Pictures of wolves are famous and people use them as cover and background pictures.

The life span of the wolf is normal 10-14 years. They are four to five feet long. 40-70 pounds is their average weight. Wolves have thick tail. It can also run very fast. Wolves are also considered the best social animals. They live in groups. These groups are named as packs. Wolves communicate through number of different ways. The common methods of their communication is growling. Here is the best collection of pictures of wolves. This collection also contain hd wallpapers and backgrounds which will double the beauty of desktop. Do not forget to share these pictures with friends.

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pictures of wolves

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